Business and Event Coaching

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Business Coaching:  Individuals in the wedding and event industry often struggle with the same thing. We have the desire to grow our businesses and increase our income but lack the direction and/or resources to make that happen.

Jill helps these professionals create a sustainable income stream so they can enjoy life inside and outside of their businesses. Every client creates a plan that can be executed with focus and purpose. She eliminates the frustration of spending money on advertising, trade shows, and other marketing channels by making sure every dollar spent is thoughtfully planned and utilized so that money translates to appointments and bookings.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jill for three sessions now and I’m more excited about the future of my business than I have ever been. When we work together I welcome the inspiration and encouragement she offers. I have someone on my side who believes in me but at the same time keeps my feet on the ground and helps move me forward.
She offers suggestions, doesn’t let me stumble on my own when I’m at a loss for what to do next. I am a solopreneur and having Jill as a coach is like having someone on my side, a part of my team. She has a positive, calming presence that I admire and appreciate. I’m on a journey to success and I know Jill is going to help me get there.+


Event Coaching: An event is a business that happens over a short period of time. The goals are often similar, revenue growth and client/attendee satisfaction. After producing successful events and trade shows for over 15 years, Jill can work with a team to create an event that will not only reach the goals of the organization, but knock the socks off the attendees.

“Thank you for creating, developing, and maintaining the machine along with your successful collaboration across many different departments and personalities”


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